Completed Projects


World Premiere of HAVARIE at Berlinale Forum 2016
Premiere: SAT, 02-13, 7pm, Delphi Filmpalast (EN)
more screening dates:
MON, 02-15, 11am, CineStar 8 (EN)
TUE, 02-16, 3pm, Arsenal 1 (EN)
SAT, 02-20, 10pm, CinemaxX 4 (GER)

On 14.09.2012 at 2:56pm, the cruise liner „Adventure of the Seas” reports to the Spanish Maritime Rescue Centre the sighting of a dinghy adrift with 13 persons on board. From a YouTube clip and biographical scenes evolves a choreography reflecting the past, present and future of the voyagers on the Mediterranean.
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RETURN OF THE ATOM (Mission: Atom)

We’re happy to announce the world premiere of our film “Return of the Atom” by Mika Taanila and Jussi Eerola at the Toronto International Film Festival!

THU 10.09., 7:45PM @ Scotiabank 11 (Press & Industry)
FRI 11.09., 6:30PM @ Scotiabank 4
SAT 12.09., 11:30AM @ Jackman Hall
TUE 15.09., 2:15PM @ Scotiabank 8 (Press & Industry)
FRI 18.09., 6:15PM @ Scotiabank 14
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PREMIERE “Perspektive Deutsches Kino”

directed by Philip Widmann and Karsten Krause
Germany 2014, 89′, DCP

A woman’s voice and a man’s voice speaking in unison: »A woman called Monika, and a man called Hans. Hans documents in writing that Monika has threatened him – her boss, employer and lover – with the withdrawal of her sexual favors if his wife doesn’t apologize to her.«
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N – The Madness of Reason

World premiere at this year’s Berlinale FORUM

A film by Peter Krüger
B-D-NL 2014 / 110′ / DCP / 1:1,85

N tells the story of an uncommon obsession: Beyond death, an encyclopaedian attempts to accomplish his life’s work.

Hovering between dream and reality, the film plays, in a both visually and musically striking way on the confrontation of European ideology and African spirituality,

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by Thomas Heise

Germany 2012, HD, 65‘

CONSEQUENCE tracks the tiring working day between Christmas Eve and New Year at a small German crematorium operating 24/7.

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Premiere REVISION Berlinale Forum 2012

by Philip Scheffner

D 2012, XDCam/35mm, 106′ colour

A documentary becomes a cinematic REVISION. It reconstrues the circumstances that lead to the death of two men in 1992 on a field near the German-Polish frontier. With increasingly disturbing closeness, Scheffner interweaves landscape and memory, testimonies, files and investigations.

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by Diego Mondaca

Germany/Bolivia 2011, color, HD, 48

Citadel captures, through a technique of apparent explosive disorder, the disturbing and mysterious place of the male prison in La Paz, Bolivia.

The film attempts to expose life inside the detention facility which does not adhere to the traditional icons of prison as some inmates’ wives and children live alongside the prisoners.

Despite physical marginalization and the punitive prejudice that hovers over the inmates and their families, this unique coexistence alongside the tenement architecture constructs an unexpected community.

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Kleinstheim – The Home

Premiere: German Competition DOK Leipzig (special mention)

by Stefan Kolbe and Chris Wright, D 2010

On the black earth of Germany’s agricultural heartland stands a medieval castle. Upstairs, seven teenagers and their carers. The boundaries of life are school and chatroom, clandestine date and job interview. Gradually, a year passes and the world grows with us. This is a film about finding your place in this world, in this time. And, inevitably, about carrying the burdens parents can lay on us.

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Nostalgia de la Luz

Premiere: NOSTALGIA DE LA LUZ in Cannes

Documentary Film
by Patricio Guzmán, D/F/RCH 2010

In the vast Atacama desert in northern Chile there are six huge international astronomical observatories, the most sophisticated and powerful on the planet. There, scientists from all over the world seek out the universe oldest stars in order to know a little more about the earths future.
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Day Of The Sparrow

World premiere: Berlinale 2010 – Forum


by Philip Scheffner, D 2010

DAY OF THE SPARROW is a political wildlife documentary. It tells the story of a country where the border between war and peace is disappearing. On November 14th, 2005 a sparrow is shot dead in Leeuwarden, and in Kabul a German soldier dies. These competing headlines are the starting point for director Philip Scheffner, to trace the war using the methods of an ornithologist. On his journey through Germany, the camera circuits a reality of the war by capturing images of apparent peace.
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