Edna’s Day

Premiere: doxs! Duisburger Filmwoche 2009

Children’s documentary by Bernd Sahling, D 2009

Having come to Germany only recently, Edna is new in the class. And she stills needs to learn the foreign language. Seated at an extra desk in the last row, the Bosnian girl is sometimes forgotten by the class. And Edna sometimes forgets the class, too. But she draws more and more attention to herself.Germany 2009 – 20′

See the film here.

Developed within the dok you! competition, co-produced by WDR, supported by BKM/Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film and Filmstiftung NRW.

Filmography (selection)

  • “Lied für Anne” – 5′/35mm ˆ DEFA (Song For Anne) 1985
  • “Bumerang” – 20′/35mm – HFF (Boomerang) 1986
  • “Wenn man so leben will wie ich” – 23′/16mm – HFF (If You Want To Live Like Me) 1987
  • “Alles wird gut” – 79′/16mm – ZDF/Eikon/HFF (Everything Gets Well) 1990
  • “Im Nest der Katze” – 45′/Beta – ZDF (The Cat’s Nest) 1991
  • “Ohne Ende” – 30′/Beta – ORB (Without An End) 1993
  • “Fundus” – 30′/Beta – Multimedia dell’Arte (The Puppeteer’s Room) 1993
  • “Die Ruhestörung” – 13′/16mm – ZDF (Disturbance Of The Peace) 1997
  • “Gymnasium” – 100′ /Beta ˆ ZDF (High School) 1999
  • “Die Blindgänger” – 86′/35mm ˆ Kinderfilm GmbH/ZDF (Blind Flyer) 2003
  • “Ednas Tag„ ˆ 20‚/ HDV ˆ BlinkerFilmproduktion GmbH/WDR (Edna‚s Day) 2009

Prizes (selection)

  • Deutscher Filmpreis in Gold (Lola)
  • European Film Kids Award 2004
  • 1st Prize Chicago International Children´s Film Festival
  • City of Zlin Award
  • Deutscher Hörfilmpreis 2006
  • Honorable Mentions Berlinale, Cinekid Amsterdam
  • Jury member of film festivals in Cairo, Munich, Bratislava, Frankfurt, Moscow and Berlin
  • Several Workshops about children‚s film in Germany, Singapore, USA, Italy, Russia and Norway