Mein Leben tanzt

Documentary film

by Regina Brodt

Germany 2013, HDV, 20´20

Laura, Teresa, Leonie and Anna dance freestyle. They’ve been practicing for their perfect 4-minute-show for half a year, twice a week. The closer the première the rougher their coach. Mareike is watching her friends melancholically. Even though she had surgery on her leg, which is why she was not allowed to dance for months, she’s attending every single practice. The day before the première is about styling and putting on make-up. And then their big moment has arrived.

Made for the dok you competition. See the film here.


Writer & Director Regina Brodt
Cinematography Daniel Vogt
Brendan Uffelmann
Hanno Grün
Sound David Dimartino
Niclas Ströher
Nicolas Neteler
Editor Carina Mergens
Sounddesign Claas Berger
Mixing Ingo Baier
Music Peter Aufderhaar
Title Design Milan Kappen
Production Manager Philipp Stendebach
Producers Meike Martens / Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH
Janna Velber / Boogiefilm
Cast Schautanzformation Karaboutija
Laura Kittel
Verena Krümpelbeck
Mareike Mayer
Leonie Neiser
Anna Rheinbay
Sophia Rheinbay
Teresa Zöbel
Production Produziert von Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH und Boogiefilm
In Kooperation mit der KHM Köln und der ifs köln
Im Auftrag des WDR
Commissioning Editor Andrea Ernst
Formats HDCam, DigiBeta, Bluray
16:9 PAL, HDV, Farbe, Stereo
Duration 20’20”
Sprache deutsch
Untertitel Englisch