Eiki – maybe Japan

Premiere: dox! kino 2010 in Duisburg

Children’s documentary by Susanne Mi-Son Quester, D 2010

Eiki has attended the Japanese school in Düsseldorf for one year now. Previously he went to a German school. At the Japanese school the teachers never fall sick and they are much nicer. And Japanese food tastes better, too. Still, Eiki is a little sad that his family will move to Japan soon – even if that is not definite yet…

See the film here.

developed within the dok you! competition, co-produced by WDR, supported by Durniok Foundation

premiere: doxs! Duisburger Filmwoche 2010

author and director: Susanne Mi-Son Quester

camera: Mieko Azuma sound: Magnus Pflüger

editing: Markus Seitz

sound mix: Berthold Kröker

comissiong editors: Andrea Ernst und Joachim Lachmuth

producer: Meike Martens

Filmography Susanne Mi-Son Quester

2002 Finow (Mocumentary, 16mm, s/w, 7 min)

2003 5 Minuten Rußland (Dokumentarfilm, DV, Farbe, 8min)

2004 Fort sein (Dokumentarfilm, DV, Farbe, 30 min)

2005 Suguru (Dokumentarfilm, DV, Farbe, 15 min)

2007 DIENSTAG und ein bißchen mittwoch (Dokumentarfilm, 16mm, Farbe, 40 min)

2008 Hotel Arnold (Kurzspielfilm, 16mm, Farbe, 15 min)

2010 Eiki – vielleicht nach Japan (Dokumentarfilm, HDV, Farbe, 10 min)