To Be A B-Girl

Documentary Film
by Yasmin Angel

Germany 2013, HDV 20’20

Jilou is a B-Girl. At the age of 13 she attended her first HipHop-Battle. She graduated a while ago and tries to figure out what to study. Jilou takes us to practice and to the battles, a world dominated by men. Usually she’s the only girl, but she doesn’t care about all the bruises which are a part of this sport.

Made for the dok you competition. See the film here (soon).


Writer & Director Yasmin Angel
Cinematography Stefan Eisenburger
Frank Raatschen
Yasmin Angel
Sound Robert Keilbar
Editor Yasmin Angel
Rough Cut Brett Orloff
Final Cut Quimu Casalprim i Suárez
Postproduction Assitant Maria José Roman
Sounddesign Robert Keilbar
Mixing Ralf Schipke
Music Alexander Moyerer
Title Design Daniel Wagner
Production Manager Philipp Stendebach
Producers Meike Martens / Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH
Janna Velber / Boogiefilm
Cast Jilou Rasul
Nani Rasul
Gara Rasul
Marlon Cam
BGirls „How I met a B Girl“
BBoys „Nin10do“
Production Produziert von Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH und Boogiefilm
In Kooperation mit der KHM Köln und der ifs köln
Im Auftrag des WDR
Commissioning Editor Andrea Ernst
Formats HDCam, DigiBeta, Bluray
16:9 PAL, HDV, Farbe, Stereo
Duration 20’20”
OV deutsch
Subtitles englisch

RESUMÉ Yasmin Angel

Yasmin was born 1978 in Bogotá, Columbia. At first, Yasmin wanted to become an astronaut! But then she started by getting a degree in media communication, with a focus on photography. In two successive years she won the first and second price at the Maratón de Creatividad in Bogotá. Her photographies were exhibited in several expositions. In Germany she did a pre-degree in visual communication in Hamburg, after that the degree for audiovisual media / film at KHM.

Yasmin is an all-rounder: She was in charge for one of the cinemas at Filmfest Hamburg, worked as Spanish-speaking radio moderator, gave theatre workshops, writes screenplays, operates the camera, edits and directs short and documentary films.