Nostalgia de la Luz

Premiere: NOSTALGIA DE LA LUZ in Cannes

Documentary Film
by Patricio Guzmán, D/F/RCH 2010

In the vast Atacama desert in northern Chile there are six huge international astronomical observatories, the most sophisticated and powerful on the planet. There, scientists from all over the world seek out the universe oldest stars in order to know a little more about the earths future.

In the middle of the desert, just a few kilometres from the telescopes, the relatives of the dictator Pinochet’s victims look for the bodies of the „disappeared”, still buried in mass graves after more than 30 years. With their bare hands they search for the traces of a past still uncertain so as to mourn their loved ones and build a future for their children.

Meanwhile in Santiago de Chile, the political and economic forces seek material wealth and triumph, obscuring the past and denying history.


Patricio Guzmán was born in 1941 in Santiago de Chile. He studied in the Official Film School in Madrid where he specialised in documentary cinema. His work is regularly selected for and awarded prizes by international festivals. In 1973 he filmed „The Battle of Chile”, a five-hour documentary about the end of Allende‚s period of government. CINEASTE magazine described it as „one of the 10 best political films in the world”. After the coup d‚état, Guzmán was arrested and taken to the Santiago National Stadium for two weeks. He left the country in November 1973. He has lived in Cuba, Spain and France where he made, „In the Name of God” (Grand Prize, Florence 1987), „The Southern Cross” (Grand Prize, Marseille 1992), „Obstinate Memory” (Golden Spire Award, San Francisco 1998), „The Pinochet Case” (International Critic‚s Week, Cannes 2002) and „Salvador Allende” (Official Selection, Cannes 2004). He teaches documentary cinema both in Europe and in Latin America. He is the founder and director of the Santiago International Documentary Film Festival. He lives in France.


Author and director – Patricio Guzmán

DoP and Photography – Katell Djian

Sound – Freddy González

Director’s Assistant – Cristóbal Vicent and Nicolás Lasnibat

Production Manager Chile – Verónica Rosselot

Editor – Patricio Guzmán und Emmanuelle Joly

Editing Consultant – Ewa Lenkiewicz

Sound Editing – Damien Defays and Jean-Jacques Quinet

Music – J. Miguel Miranda and J. Miguel Tobar

Aristic Consultant – Renate Sachse

Commissioning Editor WDR – Jutta Krug

Producer Chile – Cristóbal Vicente

Producer France – Renate Sachse

Producer Germany – Meike Martens

A co-production of Atacama Productions S.A.R.L – Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH – Cronomedia Ltda. – WDR

supported by Fonds Sud Cinéma – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication CNC

Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes France

Brouillon d‚un rêve de la Scam – Région Île de France – Sundance Documentary Fund

and with the participation of Television Española TVE

World Sales and French distribution: Pyramide

German distribution: RealFiction


  • Official Selection, Cannes Festival 2010.
  • Best Documentary, European Film Academy Award 2010
  • Audience Award, Toronto International Film Festival 2010
  • Audience Award, Festival de Biarritz 2010
  • Audience Award, Ciné Découverte, Brussels 2010
  • Prix d’Age d’Or, Ciné Découverte, Brussels 2010
  • Best Documentary, Abu Dhabi International Film Festival 2010
  • Best Documentary, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA, 2011
  • Best Documentary, Festival de Guadalajara, México, 2011
  • Mention Spécial, Prix François Chalais, Cannes 2010
  • Mention Spécial du Jury, Sheffield Film Festival 2010
  • Mention Spécial du Jury, Ronda, Spain 2010
  • Amnesty International Award, Festival Human Rights Watch, San Sebastián 2011
  • Opening Film, Marseille Film Festival 2010
  • Opening Film, Leipzig Film Festival 2010
  • Prix Altazor, Best Documentary Director, Chile 2011
  • Best Documentary, Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival 2011
  • Prix Audace, Festival Pariscience 2011
  • Best Documentary, Yamagata International Documentary Festival 2011
  • Best Film, Festival Science & Cinéma, La Coruña 2011, Spain
  • Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Director of Photography, Prix Pedro Sienna, Chile
  • Best Documentary 2011, IDA (International Documentary Association), Los Angeles, USA
  • Best Documentary 2011, Cinéma Tropical Award, New York, USA
  • Nominated Best Documentary 2011, Cinéma Eye Honors Award, New York, USA