The Bus Stop


by Corinna C. Poetter

Germany 2011, HD, 14′

Every day at noon, 1.500 students from five different schools meet at the „Johanniskirche“ bus stop in Bonn’s Pennefeld neighborhood: Students from secondary modern school, secondary schools and grammar schools. In most places this might just lead to your everyday name-calling among kids  here however, it has turned into an explosive mix that has already led to a number of fights, including some that had to be broken up by the police.

In 2009, the situation got so bad that everyone agreed: It cannot go on like that  The schools’ student councils decided to create „Pennefeld United“ a sports festival for all of the schools involved.

Hosna and Nabiel Hakim were born in Germany, but their family is from Afghanistan. The siblings defy any easy pigeon-holing: They are Muslims, but liberal. Immigrants, but grammar school students.

Hosna wants to become a politician and is actively involved in the peace-making efforts at the bus Stop. She also helps out at the sports festival. Nabiel is more of a skeptic: He is not so sure whether the efforts are really going to change anything.

Made for the dok you competiton. See the film here.


Writer & Director  -  Corinna C. Poetter

Cinematography  -  Henning Drechsler

Sound  -  Claas Benjamin Berger

Editor  -  Gesa Hollerbach

Mixing  -  Claas Benjamin Berger

Animations/Titles/Graphics  -  Thomas Wellmann

Music  -  Peter Aufderhaar

Production Manager  -  Nima Kianzad

Producers  -  Meike Martens / Blinker Filmproduktion, Janna Velber / BOOGIEFILM

Associate Producers at WDR  -  Andrea Ernst and Birgit Keller-Reddemann

Cast  -  Nabiel Hakim, Hosna Hakim  u.a.

Produced by Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH and BOOGIEFILM GbR, co-produced by KHM Köln for the WDR

Formats  -  DigiBeta, BluRay; 16:9 PAL, HDV, Color, Stereo

Duration  -   13′ 33”

Language -  German

Subtitles  -  English

RESUMÉ Corinna C. Poetter

Corinna C. Poetter has been making films fort he WDR for more than ten years. She also works as a freelance producer for fiction and documentary films. Every once in a while, Corinna also produces films for KHM graduate students, or develops her own projects.

She studied German literature, pedagogic, and film in Bonn Cologne, and Hamilton, New Zealand. Since 2010, she works as a producer for 2Pilots Filmproduction GmbH.

Corinna lives in Bonn with four children, a dog, two bunnies, and a horse.

Film- und Medienstiftung NRW scholarship

Film Business School (MEDIA 2)

Fiction-Producer Training at the Filmhaus Köln e.V. in 2009

Masterclass Non-Fiction 2010, ifs Köln

Participant of the KHM/ifs-Workshop „Children’s documentary films“ SS 2011

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