Completed Children and Young Adults' Films

hin & weg

by Bernd Sahling

Germany 2013, HD, 26 min.

Emma and her friends Ronje and Benjamin live in Gjesvær, a small village on the arctic island Magerøya. Their parents work as fishermen in family businesses. Winters are long in Gjesvær, in May there can still occur heavy snow storms.
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Premiere und Kinostart DER BLAUE TIGER

The premiere of our children’s film THE BLUE TIGER will take place on Sunday, 3 November 2013, at 2.30 pm at Metropolis Cinema in Cologne.

After the screening expect lots of fun activities for children!

The film will be theatrically released in Germany on Oktober 31, 2013.

Watch the trailer.

L.A. Calling

Documentary Film
by Lenka Šikulová

Germany 2013, HDV, 18`33

Two years ago Nabil and Bastian became friends at the Pulheimer Baggerloch where they spent their days sailing, a sport Bastian is very passionate about. Now they have to part, because Nabil goes to L.A. to try and realize his dreams. The moment to say good bye is approaching all too quickly…
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To Be A B-Girl

Documentary Film
by Yasmin Angel

Germany 2013, HDV 20’20

Jilou is a B-Girl. At the age of 13 she attended her first HipHop-Battle. She graduated a while ago and tries to figure out what to study. Jilou takes us to practice and to the battles, a world dominated by men. Usually she’s the only girl, but she doesn’t care about all the bruises which are a part of this sport.
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Mein Leben tanzt

Documentary film

by Regina Brodt

Germany 2013, HDV, 20´20

Laura, Teresa, Leonie and Anna dance freestyle. They’ve been practicing for their perfect 4-minute-show for half a year, twice a week. The closer the première the rougher their coach.
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Der Blaue Tiger

Feature film (family entertainment)

by Petr Oukropec

Czech Republic/Germany/Slovakia 2012, 35mm, 90′

Like an island of paradise, an old botanical garden lies forgotten in the middle of a noisy city.
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Borschemich (new)


by Christine Uschy Wernke

Germany 2011, HD, 15′

Niklas is twelve years old, and he loves his village: Borschemich in the lower Rhine region. Mainly because of his grandpa who owns a farm there on which Niklas spends most of his free time. For as long as he can remember, Niklas has been helping his grandfather on the fields and with the animals.

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Bubbly Big Top

Documentary by

Maike Backhaus & Tessa Langhans

Germany 2011, HD, 21′

Madeleine und Anthony Kaselovsky’s home is a small travelling circus, the Brunselli Circus. There’s something unusual about this circus: They are all part of one family, and everyone who is part of the family works there. It has been like that for seven generations now.
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Ömer, The Lord


by Mehmet Akif Büyükataly

Germany 2011, HD, 11′

Ömer, the Lord, is cool – as cool as the fighters in video games and action movies. Ömer, the boy, is nice, a bit shy and listens to his mother. She is the keeper of the computer password that allows Ömer to enter his virtual world.
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The Bus Stop


by Corinna C. Poetter

Germany 2011, HD, 14′

Every day at noon, 1.500 students from five different schools meet at the „Johanniskirche“ bus stop in Bonn’s Pennefeld neighborhood: Students from secondary modern school, secondary schools and grammar schools.
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Eiki – maybe Japan

Premiere: dox! kino 2010 in Duisburg

Children’s documentary by Susanne Mi-Son Quester, D 2010

Eiki has attended the Japanese school in Düsseldorf for one year now. Previously he went to a German school. At the Japanese school the teachers never fall sick and they are much nicer. And Japanese food tastes better, too. Still, Eiki is a little sad that his family will move to Japan soon – even if that is not definite yet…

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Twice as Wise

Premiere: doxs! Duisburger Filmwoche 2010

Children’s documentary by Piet Eekmann, D 2010

“What’ya looking at?!” – “Piss off, nigger!” – “Get out of my way, Polak!”. Serge and Filip don’t always have it the easy way. At age 11, they need to put up with being insulted and provoked by older boys. Little Filip has no choice but to run or to ask his older brother for help.

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Edna’s Day

Premiere: doxs! Duisburger Filmwoche 2009

Children’s documentary by Bernd Sahling, D 2009

Having come to Germany only recently, Edna is new in the class. And she stills needs to learn the foreign language. Seated at an extra desk in the last row, the Bosnian girl is sometimes forgotten by the class. And Edna sometimes forgets the class, too. But she draws more and more attention to herself.
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